Mike Anthony the Urban Messenger

“He put music to the message, got a message in his music”

As a kid, I had lots of tunes dancing around in my head. I would often play in the yard and sing melodies I had never heard before. Today, I realize that this was the beginning of my music journey. Yes, the gift of music was instilled in me before birth. It’s taken years to fully manifest. At one point, I was uncertain and even in denial. Now I’m sure about it – Music is my calling!

Mike AnthonyMike AnthonyMike Anthony

A part of Mike Anthony’s overall musical success is largely contributed to his experience as a music director and voice coach. This experience helps him to create unique harmonic blends and to carefully balance each song with a “traditional message” and a “today’s sound.”

The debut album “Brand New Day” was written, arranged, and performed (lead and background vocals) by Mike Anthony. The project was produced, mixed and mastered by the extraordinaire Mr. Coley of Timeless Soul Publishing. Mike Anthony also produced a track on the CD entitled “Take It Off” and was the Executive Producer for the project. The CD features a variety of message-filled urban gospel tracks including the hit single, “Brand New Day” . . . an inspirational song that encourages listeners to forget about the past and “start life over.” Listeners are sure to be captivated by the explosive upbeat urban tracks “Get Back in the House,” “Feel the Spirit,” “I’m Yours,” and “Nothing Can Separate Me.” In addition, Mike Anthony was also the Executive Producer for two music videos stemming from the album; “Brand New Day” video (produced by Holloway Media Group) and “Get Back in the House” video (produced by Twin Eagle Films).